Birth Planning 101: The No B.S Guide You Need

Ensuring Your Every Birth Wish is Honored, Respected & Enforced

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Birth Plan

Regain full control of your birthing journey and never be bamboozled by anyone again with 'The No B.S Birth Plan.' We understand the importance of having your voice heard and your choices respected during childbirth.

Our guide empowers you with a clear and straightforward roadmap to create a birth plan that puts you firmly in charge. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and confusion often associated with this significant life event. We provide you with the knowledge and tools to assert your preferences confidently, ensuring that your birth experience aligns with your desires.

Don't let anyone else dictate your birthing journey – choose 'The No B.S Birth Plan' and seize control of this momentous occasion for you and your baby.

Join Us For A Masterclass Of A Lifetime

Day 1: Discovering Your Ideal Birth

Know What. Know When. Know Why.

  • We're diving deep into the art of birthing desires.

  • Discover your 'birth plan blueprint.

  • Understanding the 'who' - your dream birthing team

  • The 'what' - your birth preferences.

  • The 'where' - your ideal birthing environment, and most crucially.

  • The 'why' behind every choice. It's about birthing your way, and we're here to make it crystal clear.

Day 2: Navigating Interventions with Confidence

Empowered Choices: Interventions and Alternatives

  • Deep dive into the world of medical interventions

  • Arm yourself with knowledge and discernment.

  • Learn how to decipher the maze of hospital procedures and interventions.

  • Discover how to confidently decide if, when, and why you might choose them.

  • We'll also explore empowering alternatives that align with your birth plan.

Day 3: Post-Birth Decisions and New Beginnings

Your Birth, Your Way: Postpartum Choices and Newborn Care

  • Learn all about post-birth choices.

  • Delve into the after(birth)math.

  • Decide whether you're open to medications, procedures, or keeping your placenta.

  • Explore the precious decisions surrounding your newborn's care, from vaccinations to circumcision.

  • Gain the confidence to shape these early moments exactly as you envision.

Day 4: The Birth Plan Legal Edge

The Power of Paperwork: Crafting an Airtight Birth Plan

  • Understand the paperwork that often accompanies birth.

  • Learn how to use our checklist to create a birth plan affidavit and notices that enforce your birthing wishes.

  • Discover the legal foundations from state to federal, international laws, and the constitution

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate bureaucracy confidently.

Day 5: The Ultimate Birth Plan

Sealing the Deal: Crafting a Lawfully A Enforceable Birth Plan

  • Discover the art of creating a birth plan that stands up legally and represents your vision.

  • Craft a birth plan that not only expresses your desires but is also your strongest advocate during childbirth.

  • Leave this challenge with the confidence and clarity to navigate your birth day with your birth plan as your trusted ally.

  • Learn how to make your birth plan legally airtight, ensuring that your preferences are not just heard but upheld.

  • It's all about birthing your way with the knowledge and legal power to make it happen.


What others are saying about us

~ Najma really knows her stuff. She helped me discover things I didn't know about birth planning.

Cleopatra M.

~ Thanks to Najma, the hospital didn't impose, imply or suggest anything that wasn't in our birth plan.

Hagar & Eitan

~The birth plan was a lifesaver at the hospital. Thanks for ensuring we got what we needed.

Meredith K.

  • Discover the proven strategies to take control of your birth experience and create the natural, comfortable birth you've always dreamed of

  • Gain the confidence and autonomy to navigate your birth planning journey with ease and empowerment

  • Unlock the secrets to building a birth plan that truly reflects your desires and priorities, putting you in the driver's seat for your birthing experience

  • Learn how to advocate for yourself and communicate effectively with your birth team, ensuring your autonomy and preferences are respected every step of the way

  • Find peace of mind and reassurance as you prepare for childbirth, knowing that you have the tools and support to take charge of your own birth story

We're proud to offer 'The No B.S Birth Plan' as a free masterclass because we're committed to a genuine mission – empowering women to take full control of their birthing experiences. In a world where countless self-proclaimed 'experts' peddle pricey templates that often lead mothers into confusion and disappointment, we believe in transparency and authenticity.

We understand the frustration of falling victim to fake gurus who prioritize profit over empowerment. Our true motive is to break through the noise and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently navigate your birthing journey.

By offering this masterclass for free, we're ensuring that every expecting mother can access a trustworthy resource that genuinely empowers them to make informed decisions and have the birth they desire. Because we believe that every woman deserves a birth experience that puts her firmly in charge, free from deception or false promises.

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